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How gay is Big Love?

Hold on to your hats and glasses, folks; this week’s query is bound to be a wild one.

Dear Ask Mormon Girl:

A lot of my gay and lesbian friends seem to love show Big Love. Why?



First, JKL, a true confession: I don’t watch Big Love. I know Mormons who do watch it.  I know Mormons who love it.  And I know Mormons who hate it, especially since the show televised to the whole stinking world portions of sacred temple ceremonies reserved only for the most dedicated members of the faith. Yup, that really bothered me too.
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Mormon and liberal? Really???

Dear Ask Mormon Girl:

My wife and I recently heard you on the radio, and we thrilled when you used the words “Mormon” and “liberal” in the same sentence to describe yourself.  We sometimes feel like we are the only liberal Mormons in the Church.  Can you direct us to other podcasts, writings, etc.?


T & M in Tooele County

Dear T& M:

You’re not alone!  Every time I encounter another Mormon liberal, I feel the way I felt that night when I ran out onto the field of the Rose Bowl for the great LDS Southern California Dance Festival of 1985:  Stoked!  Proud! And finally, truly, among my people!

Unless you live in an urban or university ward, chances are you’re one of just a handful of liberals sitting in your Sacrament Meeting. A recent Gallup poll found that Mormons are the most conservative and most Republican of any major religious group in the United States.
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Ask Mormon Girl: Non-Mo SWF in SLC Needs Your Advice!

If you know SLC, our query this week is for you too!

Dear Ask Mormon Girl:

My sister, a 50-something non-Mormon single woman, has just recently moved to SLC for a job? How does she make new friends her age?  And I mean just friends — people to hang out with so she’s not so lonely.  She’s having a hard time because so many people her age in SLC are Mormons with families who don’t need new friends and are pretty set in their ways.  (And she definitely doesn’t want to be the subject of missionary work!)  And everyone she works with is much younger than she is.  She’s feeling very much the stranger in a strange land.


Christina in Ohio

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What to do with BYU player haters talking anti-Mormon smack?

This week, Ask Mormon Girl takes a foray into the wild world of sports.

Perhaps you’ve heard about the unruly behavior San Diego State University Aztec basketball fans directed at Brigham Young University on Saturday, January 23, when a few dozen SDSU fans dressed up as LDS missionaries (complete with name tags and bike helmets), held signs taunting illness-stricken BYU guard Jimmer Fredette (“Jimmer, which one of your wives gave you mono?”), and compensated for their 71-69 loss by chanting “You’re still Mormon!” at departing BYU players and fans.

The episode caught national attention when Sports Illustrated’s Seth Davis called the Aztec fan behavior “classless.”  Two days later, the Deseret News picked up the story, and the following letter appeared in the inbox:

Dear Mormon Girl:

Don’t you live in San Diego?  Don’t you work at San Diego State University?  Can’t you control your people???!!!


J. D.

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