I’m 17; I’ve just been baptized; and I’m wracked with doubt. Help?

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One response to “I’m 17; I’ve just been baptized; and I’m wracked with doubt. Help?

  1. JS

    Read Doctrine & Covenants 132 carefully and decide if this religion is “all that.”

    To get a more contemporary flavor Google “14 Fundamentals in Following the Prophet.” See how that fits.

    These are just a hints of an enormous-all pervasive life-consuming institutions whose workings get darker the deeper you look.

    You do not need a religion that carries such a load of absurd doctrinal and historical truth claims that can’t stand intelligent and honest scrutiny. You do not need a religion that imposes a patriarchy of homophobic old men between you and God, between you and your family – between you and your future husband and family.

    If you are looking for faith – keep it simple.

    If this sounds strange, it is probably because you were persuaded by a glossy surface image that made it seem Mormonism is a simple Christian faith. You’ve got to know about what is underneath and what comes rolling in down the road.

    This religion best serves those so attached to it by family roots that they can deal with the cognitive dissonance created by its problems, or those who find its rigid hierarchical priesthood ORDER comforting rather than oppressive.

    You are young – you can find another wonderful peer group and community that will provide a supportive social network and an outlet for your creative self expression and service to others.

    This religions promises of a baptism are only as good as it’s integrity. Consider yourself having made, at this point, a promise to an Institution that may or may not be legitimate.

    Which means, you can just back up and do your homework from right where you are.

    Take your time (months or years). Don’t prematurely second-guess yourself . Don’t let members make you second guess yourself. Keep a little distance between you and the leaders/members. They don’t own you. Don’t get too emotionally dependent.

    Don’t be fooled into letting them create the context for your communicating with God. Pray if you need to, but PRAY AS YOU don’t pray as a Mormon.

    17 is incredibly young! Looking back, I see how ignorant, impressionable, and ill-prepared I was when I decided to convert. I hung on far too long because I second guessed myself and had too much faith in other people. It was much harder to leave – but I am out now and the so much better for it.

    Again, take your time. Be patient. Beware of people who may pressure you.

    Best wishes,


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