Is Mormonism a religion or an ethnicity?

Howdy, dear AMG readers:  thanks for writing back and letting me know how you feel about our new location, and click here to get a fresh installment of your favorite unorthodox Mormon Q&A column, this week weighing in on the question “Is Mormonism a religion or an ethnicity?” with a big-time shout out to BYU’s Divine Comedy troupe and their viral hit “Provo, Utah Gurls.”  You have seen it, haven’t you?



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2 responses to “Is Mormonism a religion or an ethnicity?

  1. Absurd

    My goodness, I find this argumentation ridiculous and almost offensive. I’m a Jew and I watched your video on Slate. 200yrs does not result an ethnicity, regardless of intermarriage and the like. This is much closer to something like a fraternity, social club, or an alumni club of an exclusive educational institution. I mean, really, are Masons an ethnicity? They certainly have important families, long lineages, etc. Please try again in 5500yrs. Hey, maybe you’ll even have your own genetic genetic disorder!

    • kel

      A very bigoted response. Your response boils down to insult and ethnicity as a competition. And really, a fraternity or social club? It’s just a way to “other” those not like yourself.

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