Is Mormon Faith Crisis for Men Only? Or did the NY Times Miss Half the Story?

Beloved readers and visitors:  Since concluding my series on the theology of LDS gender and priesthood, I’ve taken a summer breather.  But this week, I’m back with something to say about Sunday’s front-page New York Times article on disaffection, historical controversy, and faith crisis among contemporary Mormons.

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3 responses to “Is Mormon Faith Crisis for Men Only? Or did the NY Times Miss Half the Story?

  1. Dan

    There is a modern belief in Western Culture that nirvana is achieved through total social equity. This belief pushes many to work on erasing social or cultural lines that appear to restrict any path for anyone. While this desire created the modern world, when carried to the extreme it actually diminishes opportunity and confuses progress. As a professional I manage very talented people who are gifted and who have maximized their gifts. My job it to create collaborative environments where those with maximum gifts can share them and create amazing things. I have seen success, and know that no one individual could have accomplished what the group accomplished. So it is with what God has given us. We each have roles and talents and are responsible to maximize them. In this is true happiness. Women and Men are different in their eternal role. They are happiest when they maximize their role and work together as equals to create amazing things. The fight by men or women to claim access to roles that they were not created to fulfill, or to pursue talents for which they are not suited, reduces what society can accomplish and in my way of thinking disappoints God.

  2. Katie

    Joanna, thank-you for this article. You have spoken my feelings exactly. I have long been bothered by historical inaccuracies in the church, but I can get over that. What conflicts and contorts my soul is the feeling that God’s church has abandoned its women; that my pain is discounted and deemed irrelevant or unimportant. Thank-you for giving voice to that feeling. Thank-you for sharing and being vocal. Thank-you for having the courage to say what I feel but am too cowardly to share.

  3. Our role as women is so powerful and so important. I hope that others can see that and be happy with the calling that goes with womanhood. Certainly, no one will never influence the world by trying to be like it. The world wants women and men to be the same, negating the Family Proclamation, and denying the power that men and women have together as spouses, and leading to strengthening the homosexual argument: that men and women are so equal that we might as well let homosexuals be married, too. It’s very interesting how Satan is leading us down this slope. Very tricky.

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