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Ouch! I’ve just survived a Facebook fight with a fellow Mormon. Can you help develop a Mormon netiquette code?

Dear AMG,

I’m your average “orthodox”, NPR-listening, college educated, straight-laced and very imperfect Mormon housewife. My personal politics fall somewhere in the middle, but I’m always happy to listen to well-thought out, respectful arguments from any viewpoints. I occasionally get wrapped up in “facebook fights” with other Mormons over political issues. I usually only get involved when I feel a side is being grossly underrepresented or people are being rude. Still, even on fairly basic topics, I’ve found myself getting accused of picking and choosing my doctrines and sometimes I get told that “even the elect can be deceived.” I’m a pretty sensitive and very straight-laced kind of person, so that really hurts.

I know these incredibly vocal people are probably a minority, and that I am a worthy, good person. But, I felt, and still feel, really discouraged by the conversation. On some issues, it seems impossible for Mormons to have civil discourse because we are so caught up in jargon and not in truth. So, I was wondering if you could help write a list of rules or “netiquette” for Mormons who want to participate in political discussions online. My first rule would be “don’t use language also found in the Temple to make an argument that a political idea is unsound.” Can you help develop others?


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Nobody in my ward understands me. And I keep getting called to the nursery. Help!

Dear readers!  It’s busy time at Ask Mormon Girl while we get ready for a launch at a new location.  While we’re packing our handcart, we hope you’ll make do for a week with an oldie-but-goodie.  Stay tuned for new location info! 

Dear Ask Mormon Girl:

My husband and I are getting really frustrated by not being taken seriously or treated like grownups in our ward. We both have gone to college and have good jobs. We own a home. We have been married for seven years. But we don’t have kids. This is not just a choice because of infertility but also because of health issues. We are in limbo at church and get only nursery callings. We also get unneeded advice about how we are missing out on our ‘blessings.’ How do we grow closer to people in our ward without everyone assuming we are newlyweds and/or infertile? No one seems to want us for our own sake. Living in the most conservative county of Southeast Idaho might have something to do with it, but we like it here because of the mountains and climate. Moving isn’t an option. The sisters in the ward don’t want to be friends unless I’m in a playdate with them or reading church books in a book club. Help?


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Ask Mormon Girl: Non-Mo SWF in SLC Needs Your Advice!

If you know SLC, our query this week is for you too!

Dear Ask Mormon Girl:

My sister, a 50-something non-Mormon single woman, has just recently moved to SLC for a job? How does she make new friends her age?  And I mean just friends — people to hang out with so she’s not so lonely.  She’s having a hard time because so many people her age in SLC are Mormons with families who don’t need new friends and are pretty set in their ways.  (And she definitely doesn’t want to be the subject of missionary work!)  And everyone she works with is much younger than she is.  She’s feeling very much the stranger in a strange land.


Christina in Ohio

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