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Welcome to the world of Ask Mormon Girl

The Ask Mormon Girl column ran from  January 2010 through 2014 as a question-and-answer column about Mormonism and the ins-and-outs, ups-and-downs of living the “it’s complicated” version of faith.  It was a joy and a privilege to write for progressive Mormons and our fellow-travellers, curious onlookers, and worried friends and relatives during an exceptional moment in Mormon history.  Please enjoy the archives at this site.  I promise you will find good company here, especially in the comments section, which to me are a showcase of the capacity of LDS people for generosity and wisdom.

I’ve concluded my work as a columnist, but I continue to study, think, and write about religion.  I am proud of my most recent book Mormon Feminism: Essential Writingswhich I co-edited with Hannah Wheelwright and Rachel Hunt Steenblik, and which features forty years of the best and most important Mormon feminist thought, theology, politics, poetry, history, and humor, gathered for the first time in one landmark volume. 41ZXs1bgV+L

Order your copy here.  We have been thrilled by the warm and hungry reception the book has received, with packed houses and sold out stock in bookstores across Utah, and two printings sold out before its November 2015 publication date.  This is a credit to the wonderful work of our contributors.

Mormon Feminism: Essential Writings was named a top 10 religion and spirituality book for Fall 2015 by Publishers Weekly, which also reviewed the book and called it “impressive,” “superb,” and “excellent.” See my interview with PW here.  Thanks as well to the always generous Paul Rauschenbusch, Global Religion and Spirituality Editor at the Huffington Post, for this podcast interview and a linked article here. Thank you as well to Jana Riess at Religion News Service for a wonderful review. And to Gina Colvin of A Thoughtful Faith podcast for this opportunity to talk Mormon feminism. And just for fun, don’t miss this quiz on Mormon Feminism.

Thank you to the women who have generously endorsed the book:

“Spanning the Second Wave to the present wave of the women’s movement, these essays constitute a significant body of work on the religious implications of feminism. Their usual omission from feminist and Mormon history makes collection of them here all the more welcome and necessary. They are, indeed, ‘essential.’ The study of contemporary Mormonism should not be attempted without them.”

—Kathleen Flake, Richard Lyman Bushman Professor of Mormon Studies, University of Virginia

“The depth and breadth of Mormon feminist thought assembled in this volume will bring awareness to some and enlightenment to many. So much that has been thought and felt among Mormon women is here for reflection, reference and discussion. This book will enrich the legacy we treasure and point us to a proud future.”–Aileen Hales Clyde, Chair, Utah’s Task Force on Gender and Justice (1989); Regent, Utah System of Higher Education (1989-2003); Counselor, Relief Society General Presidency, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (1990-1997)

“Can one be a Mormon and a feminist? Through the careful combing of historical and modern Mormon feminist’s writings, the complexity of what it means to be an equal-minded, intelligent woman in a patriarchal church is here presented in its hopeful, heartbreaking, faithful entirety. Though the answer is complicated, this book honors those who have bravely and eloquently added their voices to the movement. As a church we owe these women–their words and work–much recognition for their progress and perspective.”–C. Jane Kendrick, writer at



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