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Ask Mormon Girl: My grandkids are Mormon, and I’m not. What will they be taught about me at church?

Howdy, everyone.  It’s been a blisteringly busy week at AMG, with a ba-jillion comments on last week’s column about polygamy.  Plus, The Book of Mormon Girl just became available in print on  Thank you to everyone who has written to tell me what the book means to you.  I’ll be speaking in NYC this weekend at Columbia University and Trinity Wall Street.  (More details here.) If you’re in town, please drop by and say hi.  Now—this week’s query!

Dear AMG:

Our daughter has joined the Mormon Church and married a wonderful young man.  Her dad and I are not Mormon and are very happy with our own faith.  What will our grandchildren be told about Heaven and us?  What will they think about us? Of course, if they ask me, I believe we will all be together. 

 Thank you for your insights,

A Future Non-Mormon Grandmother

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I’m a Mormon who feels led to join her local Quaker meeting. Do I still count as a member of the tribe?

Howdy, AMG readers:

Today’s query comes from “Sister-Friend,” a Mormon woman whose spiritual path has led her to Quakerism.  Does she still count as Mormon?  Is it possible to be an interfaith person?  Click right here to read more and weigh in!

We’ve moved to Patheos, but we still want your questions.  Don’t be shy: email

Til next week,


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Ask Mormon Girl: “Unorthodox” Mormon? What do you mean?

Dear Ask Mormon Girl:


Just wanted to tell you that I enjoy your blog.  I think you do a nice job dealing with people’s difficult questions in a non-threatening, honest and clear way.


I had one question as I read some postings:  what is a “non-Orthodox” Mormon? Or, “unorthodox” depending on usage?


Is this a rejection of Mormon “cultural” behaviors; e.g., green jello, white shirts, clean shaven, Colas?  A political issue?  A rejection of some Church doctrines?  An attempt to weed out “practices” versus “doctrine?”  I’m sure it’s different for everyone and I hope it starts a broad discussion thread, but I’m trying to figure out how one can logically create a “Mormon” and “non-Orthodox” pairing.


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